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With one simple ingredient, and that is vinegar.

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To get your humidifiers easy to clean, It’s pretty simple:

This differs from distilled white vinegar, which you may use in your home or your kitchen.

How to clean a humidifier with vinegar

I like the cleaning humidifiers with vinegar is better, because it is 20% more acidic than white distilled vinegar, but if you check on the back, you can see a variety of places that you can use this particular cleaning.

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Humidifier Clean?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using distilled water to reduce the scale. Because tap water has a mineral, this is a perfect base for growing bacteria.

You should check your humidifier instruction for cleaning. Many humidifiers have different instructions, you can find them here.

You breathe in a mist directly into your lungs, and that’s why you definitely want to keep your humidifier mold and bacteria free.

Source:- Stephanie McQueen

All humidifiers should be cleaned twice a week regardless of the popular brand thanks to its modular design.

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“When Your Humidifiers is Clean, You Feel Happy, motivated and Healthy.”


Humidifiers can be spotless very easy to relieve your dry coughs, congestion, asthma, and other issues.

Now coming to the question at hand, how to clean a humidifier with vinegar or bleach? If this question has been bothering you, this is the right place to read about it. how to clean cool mist humidifier?

You know I’m all about that here I have a measuring cup, and then I have a little rag, this process is going to be super quick and should take you less than 30 Minutes.

Unplug your humidifier and Remove all that excess water out as well as possible.

unpluged your humidifier
Unplug your humidifier

Remove each component from the humidifiers, Rinse Humidifiers Filter with cold water. Don’t Use Any Chemical To Clean Filter.
You should check your humidifiers instruction for cleaning. Many humidifiers have different instructions you can find them here.(honeywell)

Pour White Vinegar and Water ( how to disinfect your humidifier with vinegar and baking soda)

pour vinegar in humidifiers
pour vinegar in humidifiers

you’ll want to get white vinegar and water. Measure the two tablespoons
of vinegar and two cups of water.
fill the tank and use toothbrush or qtip around and it’s getting clean.

Wipe down the Humidifiers frame

Wipe down the Humidifiers frame
Wipe down the Humidifiers frame

if there are some tough spots, you can add a piece of crushed ice or use a bottle brush for
the base.
You can also take a q-tip and scrub around the area as well.
Leave the solution sitting in the base for at least 25 minutes and then go
ahead and rinse and reassemble your humidifier

Humidifiers maintenance pro-tips

  • regular cleaning thoroughly every Sunday and replacing the filter regularly.
  • If you have a power humidifiers, the humidity settings should be adjusted according to the temperature outside. See the chart on the humidity for the right setting.
  • It is required that you can clean the humidifiers twice during the heating season.
  • If you notice excess condensation on the window, you can slightly turn down your humidifier five points to offset.#humidifiers-tips
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How to Disinfect a Humidifier

If your humidifier is not working or producing less than desired moisture levels, you may want to consider disinfecting it. Many people choose to disinfect their humidifiers with vinegar, though there are other options available.

“To disinfect an entire gallon of water, mix 1 tsp chlorine bleach into the gallon of water.”

To disinfect a humidifier, fill it with the suggested amount of vinegar and turn it on. Let the vinegar work its magic for several hours, then turn it off and drain the water out. Clean any debris that may have accumulated on the inside of the unit with a soft cloth and dry completely before re-installing your humidifier.


For that reason, we suggest using 3% hydrogen peroxide to disinfect your humidifier. Just remember not to combine hydrogen peroxide and vinegar together in the same container, as that also produces an unwanted chemical reaction.


Can I run vinegar through my humidifier to clean it?

I would probably recommend using a vinegar and baking soda mixture rather than running vinegar through the humidifier. Vinegar is acidic and can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can get into the humidifier and cause issues. Baking soda is also an alkaline and won’t create a breeding ground for bacteria. Personally, I use vinegar in my dishwasher and if that doesn’t kill the bacteria, I run it through the dishwasher after using it.

Can you run vinegar through a cool mist humidifier?

Vinegar may be used to clean a humidifier, but running the humidifier with vinegar can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

How often should you clean your humidifier with vinegar? 

In short, you should deep clean your humidifier every week if it is used every day.

Can I soak humidifier in vinegar overnight?

Yes, soaking the parts for at least two hours, and even overnight, will ensure they are clean.

What can I run through my humidifier to clean it?

Distilled water, One of the best ways to clean your humidifier regularly is to use water and white vinegar. The vinegar will help to remove any buildup of limescale and other minerals that can stick to parts of your humidifier.

How to Maintain a Humidifier

  • Check the water level every day.
  • Clean the filter every week or two.
  • Empty and refill the tank as needed.
  • Disconnect the hose if you are not going to use it for awhile.

Conclusion Of how to clean a humidifier with vinegar.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, just like the Environmental Protection Agency, caution that outflows from filthy humidifiers can mess wellbeing up, particularly for in danger people like sensitivity victims or asthmatics. (how to clean a humidifier with bleach)

If you’re concerned about bacteria emissions on this topic we cover everything on how to clean a humidifiers with vinegar, if we left anything please comment below.


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