Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier [currentyear]: Comprehensive Review & User Insights

This is our Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier reviews

Ever felt the discomfort of parched air, especially during colder months?

Enter the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, a game-changer in indoor air quality. Rising in popularity, this device stands out with its advanced features, offering relief to many.

In this review, we'll delve into its unique features, benchmark it against competitors, and share firsthand experiences.

Discover why the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier could be the solution you've been searching for.

At a Glance

  • Advanced ultrasonic technology for optimized moisture control.
  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Effective for rooms up to 500 square feet.
  • Health benefits: Alleviates symptoms of dry skin, eyes, and throat.
  • Nightlight and aromatherapy feature for added ambiance.

Benefits of the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The significance of maintaining optimal indoor humidity cannot be overstated, particularly in contexts where indoor heating or dry climatic conditions prevail. Here's what makes the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier a game-changer:

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Optimized Moisture Control: By using ultrasonic technology, this device emits a cool mist that effectively enhances room moisture, ensuring a comfortable environment conducive to relaxation and sleep.
  • Health and Wellness: Proper humidity levels can alleviate dry skin, irritated eyes, and dry throats. Moreover, it can keep nasal passages sufficiently moist, reducing the likelihood of allergies and infections.
  • Compact Design with High Performance: Despite its sleek and modern design, the humidifier is power-packed. It not only complements room aesthetics but also ensures efficient moisture dispersion.

Health and Wellness: Research has shown that maintaining proper indoor humidity can drastically alleviate symptoms like dry skin, irritated eyes, and dry throats. A study in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal indicated that higher humidity levels can lower the viability of the flu virus, reducing the likelihood of infections.1 The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier's ability to keep nasal passages sufficiently moist can further reduce the chance of allergies and infections.

The Science Behind Optimal Indoor Humidity:

Before discussing the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier's features, it's essential to understand the science behind indoor humidity. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health2, maintaining indoor humidity levels between 40-60% can help reduce respiratory infections and improve overall respiratory health.

Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews for Bedroom and Office

Oh, how I adore the Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier. 🌿 First off, let me just say, I’ve tested a fair share of humidifiers over the years, and this little gem truly stands out in a sea of competitors.

Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier Overview

Product NameCrane Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom and Office
Capacity1 Gallon
Price$44.87 per count (Originally $59.99)
Color OptionsBlue and White (Variety of prices for colors)
Size1 Gallon
Special Features- Manual control
- 500 Square Feet coverage
- Ultrasonic mode
- 24 hours runtime
- Plastic material
- Corded Electric power source
Large Room HumidifierUp to 500 sq. ft., 24-hour runtime
Adjustable SettingsOptional filter slots, customizable controls
HSA & FSA EligibilityApproved for health savings & flexible spending accounts
Diffuser and NightlightAuto shut-off, color-changing night light, essential oil tray
Drop CollectionVariety of colors & sizes
Electrical Plug WarningUS design; may need adapter for other countries
Product DescriptionRelief from cold/flu, alleviates dryness/congestion, energy efficient
Dimensions8.6 x 8.6 x 13.4 inches; 2.62 Pounds
Recommended Age6 months - 3 years
Date First AvailableNovember 15, 2005
ManufacturerCrane USA, Inc.
Customer Reviews4.4 stars out of 5 (19,013 ratings)

This table provides a comprehensive overview of the Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier, highlighting its main features, specifications, and customer feedback.

source:- The Sleep Store


The Crane Drop Ultrasonic Humidifier comes with a sleek and modern teardrop design that complements any room aesthetic. While many humidifiers can be an eyesore, this one is genuinely something you wouldn't mind displaying.


Boasting a 1-gallon tank, it effortlessly covers a room of up to 500 square feet for an impressive 24 hours. Whether you've got an expansive living area or a snug bedroom, it's got you covered. The ultrasonic operation mode is a technical marvel; it ensures the device runs whisper-quiet. Gone are the nights of being kept awake by the incessant drone of a humidifier.

Ease of Use:

The detachable top-fill tank? Brilliantly easy to clean and refill. I've had my fair share of wrestling matches with tricky tanks, and this is refreshingly straightforward.


  • Adjustable Settings: The optional filter slot and variable controls let you customize the humidity level to your liking. Whether I needed a plant humidifier or just a boost for those dry winter months, the flexibility was a godsend.
  • Diffuser and Nightlight: Here's where it gets even more exciting. The device doubles up as an aromatherapy diffuser! Place your favorite essential oil pad, and voila, your room smells heavenly. The color-changing night light is a cherry on top, especially if you have kids.
  • Safety: Automatic shut-off? Check. This means if I accidentally doze off and the tank runs dry, I don't have to worry about any mishaps.
  • Dual Mist Technology: This feature allows you to create warm or cool mist as per your needs at the press of a button.
    This portable Humidifier can produce up to 2.5 gallons of moisture in a day and run up to 55 hours on a single filling.
    The digital controls make it easy to set up and operate. You need to fill it with water and press a few buttons to fill up a room to 500 square feet with soothing moisture.

The Difference:

One of the aspects that genuinely sets the Crane Humidifier apart from its competitors is its ability to combat cold and flu symptoms.

With the current state of the world, ensuring our living spaces are not just comfortable but also healthy is crucial. This humidifier not only helps in alleviating dryness but also aids in preventing the movement of germs.

The ability of the Crane Humidifier to combat cold and flu symptoms isn't just a marketing claim. With global concerns regarding airborne diseases, a study from the American Society for Microbiology showed that maintaining appropriate humidity levels can indeed inhibit the spread and viability of airborne viruses.3 This humidifier not only helps in alleviating dryness but plays a role in creating a healthier indoor environment.

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews in [2024]
crane best humidifier for dry sinuses

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews Explained. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews.

Product Brand: Crane

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 44.87

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Large Room Capacity: The Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier is capable of humidifying indoor spaces up to 500 square feet for 24 hours. This makes it versatile and suitable for large rooms such as bedrooms, offices, or living spaces.
  • Adjustable Settings: The humidifier offers variable controls, making it easy to adjust and set the best humidity level for a given room. This adaptability allows for tailored use depending on specific needs like plant humidification or child room humidification.
  • Health Benefits: It's recognized as a Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) eligible item. Such humidifiers can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms, making the environment healthier.
  • Nightlight and Aromatherapy Features: Comes with a color-changing night light and a tray for vapor pads or essential oils. This allows users to benefit from soothing aromatherapy during thenight, potentially improving sleep quality.
  • Safety Features: Designed with an automatic shut-off feature, which ensures the humidifier turns off when the water level is too low. This promotes safety, especially during overnight use.
  • Design: The drop collection design is both functional and aesthetic, making it an attractive addition to any room decor.


  • Maintenance: Like all humidifiers, this unit requires regular cleaning to prevent mold and bacterial growth. This might be tedious for some users, especially those not accustomed to maintaining such devices.
  • Possible White Dust: If used with hard tap water, there could be white dust buildup in the room. This requires the user to either use distilled or filtered water, which can be an additional expense and hassle.

Real User Experiences

"The Crane Humidifier has transformed my living space. My skin feels more refreshed, and I love the nightlight feature!"

- Jane D.

"Nice and quiet! Loved the blue one and now love this white one too."

Rose Wong:

How to Use the Humidifier

  1. Placement: Ensure the humidifier is positioned on a flat, water-resistant surface, ideally elevated at least three feet from the ground.
  2. Water Refilling: Invert the water tank, unscrew its cap, and fill with cool water. Once filled, secure the cap and carefully position the tank on the humidifier base.
  3. Switching On: Plug the device into a wall socket and use the Control Dial to power it on. The green Power Indicator Light signifies optimal water levels, and shortly after, mist will begin to emanate through the Mist Lid.
  4. Intensity Control: Utilize the Control Dial to adjust the mist's intensity to your preference.
  5. Safety Measures: When water depletes, the Power Indicator Light turns red, stopping mist production. This prevents potential overheating.
Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews
Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Maintenance Tips for Longevity and Optimal Function

Daily Ritual:

  • Empty the tank and base daily.
  • Allow both components to air dry, with the tank cap removed.

Weekly Deep Clean:

  1. Half fill the tank with warm water, adding 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Shake well, let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse.
  2. Similarly, fill the base with warm water, add a tablespoon of white vinegar, let it sit for 30 minutes, and rinse.
  3. Clean the nebulizer with a damp cloth or cotton swab post soaking.
  4. As with daily care, air dry the components, ensuring the cap is left off the tank.


Q: What is the capacity of the Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier?

A: The Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier has a 1-gallon capacity, making it perfect for large rooms and homes. This means it can comfortably humidify spaces up to 500 square feet for 24 hours.

Q: Can I use essential oils with this humidifier?

A: Yes, the Crane Humidifier features a bottom tray where you can place optional vapor pads or essential oil pads, providing soothing aromatherapy throughout the night.

Q: I'm noticing white dust in my room after using the humidifier. What causes this?

A: White dust is typically a result of using hard tap water in the humidifier.
For best results and to avoid white dust buildup, it's recommended to use filtered or distilled water.

Q: How does the Crane Humidifier compare with competitors?

A: The Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier stands out for its easy-to-clean, detachable top-fill tank, optional filter slot, variable controls, and multi-purpose use.
It's also HSA FSA eligible, offering more value for your purchase.

Q: What's the warranty, shipping, and return policy for this product?

A: While specific warranty details are not provided in the provided description, products typically come with manufacturer warranties. As for shipping and returns, Amazon handles them and the product is eligible for refund or replacement.

Q: How do I troubleshoot if my humidifier isn't producing enough mist?

A: Ensure that the humidifier is placed on a level surface, the water level indicator is correctly positioned, and nothing is blocking it.
If you've used any substance other than water, it might block mist production.
Additionally, check the tank screw cap for any blockages and ensure you're using the correct power source.

Q: Any maintenance tips for the Crane Humidifier?

A: Cleaning is essential for the longevity of your humidifier. Empty the water tank & basin daily and disinfect once a week. A mixture of white vinegar and water can be used for disinfection.

Q: How does it work for children's rooms?

A: The Crane Humidifier is excellent for children's rooms. It operates quietly, provides optional soothing aromatherapy, and features an automatic shut-off for safety.
Its color-changing night light is also a comforting touch for kids.

Q: Can I use it without a filter?

A: Yes, the use of a humidifier filter is optional. Depending on your water quality and preference, you can choose to use the Crane Humidifier with or without a filter.


The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a symphony of design, efficiency, and health benefits.

If the aim is to elevate indoor living quality, especially during colder months or in drier climates, this device emerges as a paramount choice for those who prioritize well-being and comfort.


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  2. National Institutes of Health - "Effects of Humidification on Influenza Virus Survival in Rooms" ↩︎
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