This is our crane drop ultrasonic cool mist humidifier review

Most people deal with mild to moderate sinus issues throughout their lives. One solution for many is to run a humidifier in their bedroom overnight, but finding an effective one can be challenging. This blog will find reviews from actual customers on the crane’s drop Humidifier.

I bought this Humidifier for my husband, and he love this. He has been using the same one since we got married in 1998, so I know how well they are made. It is easy to use with a single touch button to set your desired humidity level from 30%-50%.

Crane Humidifier is one of the most well-recognized names in the world of humidifiers. This is the one of the top rated performance models made by the company, and for good reasons. The model is uses ultrasonic technology to add humidity. In simple terms, you can create warm or cool mist as per your needs to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

This ultrasonic humidifier offers the lowest operating costs with continuous operation for 24 hours and continuous humidity, and an economy-size tank that allows for continuous use. The humidifier runs continuously without the require a filter.

Key Features of Crane Humidifier

Does your home need humidification?

Improve your comfort and health by adding a new ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier to your home. By choosing this, you can control the moisture level, the LED color temperature, and the LED light effects and reduce flu symptoms and bring wellness to your entire family to breathe better.

Dual Mist Technology

This feature allows you to create warm or cool mist as per your needs at the press of a button. This portable Humidifier can produce up to 2.5 gallons of moisture in a day and run up to 55 hours on a single filling.

The digital controls make it easy to set up and operate. You need to fill the tank with water and press a few buttons to easy to fill up a room to 500 square feet with soothing moisture to help relieve effects of dry itchy skin, congestion from the common cold and flu.

Super Quiet Operation

One of the things people like about this humidifier is its award winning design. It doesn’t just look stylish, but it also has a whisper quiet operation, and you won’t even know it’s running.

Ease of Use

One of the biggest problems people face when it comes to humidifiers is that filling up the water tank and placing it back is nothing short of a challenge. However, the award-winning design of this Humidifier makes it easy to remove the water tank and fill it with water quickly. The 1.2-gallon capacity tank is designed to fit under most bathroom sinks rapidly.

No Filters Required

Another ordinary problem users face is that they need to clean your humidifier or replace filters regularly. However, this device operates without the need for any filter. It comes equipped with natural antimicrobial silver particles that help reduce mold and bacteria, viruses, and bacteria from dispersing a completely easy to clean humidifier design and germ-free mist.


Crane is one of the most trusted companies. There are numerous products in the Crane collection. Below are some of the reasons why it deserves a place on your desk or nightstand.

  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Filterless
  • Dual Mist Technology


  • The in-depth weekly cleaning process.
  • Different types of humidifiers may be necessary for larger rooms.
  • The green light can be disruptive at night. In the morning, it becomes much brighter and still disruptive.

My Experience Using Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier

Crane drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews
Crane drop Humidifier reviews

Ultrasonic humidifiers make a fine addition to any home. Their main advantage is that they use no heat and help relieve the effects of dryness, no dust or bacteria into the air, as with many heated models on the market today. This particular model from Crane features adjustable output, design inspired by waterfalls, whisper-quiet operation, and is small enough for travel.

This Humidifier can automatically adjust the mist output knob to improve humidity in the dry air.

This Crane drop ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers provides humidity in small or medium-sized rooms that are hard to keep humidified.


This dual mist humidifier is extremely quiet, and you won’t be bothered by any background noise.

The 1.2-gallon capacity tank can provide mist for 24 hours of soothing moisture. In other words, you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to refill the water tank.

It is a filter-free humidifier, and you won’t have to worry about changing or clean control. It is also embedded with nano-silver particles keep the humidifier mist reduce mold and bacteria growth and relief from cold and flu symptoms.

The auto-shutoff safety feature makes sure that your antimicrobial material in the base won’t keep running when there is no water in the tank.

The digital controls make it extremely easy to operate. You need to push a few buttons to enjoy a cool or warm mist.


What is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier?

Ultrasonic Humidifier is a device that uses ultrasonic waves to remove and eliminate the moisture from the air, leaving it dry.

How do you fill a Crane Humidifier?

To fill the Crane humidifier, turn off the power and remove the top cover. Remove the mist lid nozzle from its holder on the bottom of the unit by pulling it out.

Can you put Vicks in the Crane Humidifier?

Please do not add any Vicks to the water tank of the crane drop cool mist humidifiers. Customers can add Vicks VapoPads to their Vicks humidifier to provide a burst of mentholated air by adding scent slots.

Are Crane humidifiers any good?

I used this Humidifier when I first moved into my apartment four months ago, and I was impressed with how effective it was at bringing moisture into my home. I also liked the simple design and how clean it was.

What’s the best water for a humidifier? Do you need a filter for the Crane?

You might want to take a look at the one-gallon Crane ultrasonic humidifier because it’s cost-effective and has lots of reviews on Amazon. The Humidifier uses clean, distilled water for perfect humidity level, preventing airborne allergies such as dust. However, you will have to purchase distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) filters to go with the Humidifier. Otherwise, your water supply may be contaminated by chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water. While the Humidifier is small, it can still.

Wrap Up

If you need to know more about crane humidifier reviews, their official website is the best place to start. Crane manufactures this complete line of high-quality cool mist and warm mist humidifiers available in several sizes, drop shape, and designs to match any decor.

Overall, the Crane humidifier is designed to help you and your family to get relief from cold cough, dry throat, effects of dryness and congestion , dry skin, and nose bleeds, cough and cold, among other things like asthma and allergies. You can easily switch between warm or cool mist, and the ultrasonic operation makes it super quiet.

If you are looking for a humidifier, Crane’s EE – 8064 model should be one of the choices on your list.

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