Hvacpik.com is a blog created by a Team who has a passion for natural and holistic health.

We love using Humidifiers every day in our lives and hope we can help you do the same. We offer the right Humidifiers for your room, so that you can create

A clean indoor air quality.

About Humidifiers
About Humidifiers

Here at humidifier, we take every breath seriously. We help readers like you find the best humidifier quality products.

We’re all about cutting through the nonsense and sharing what you need to know to shop smarter.

Our mission is to help you discover amazing products that make life better.

During the reading period, I also read a lot about humidifiers and dehumidifiers. I learned the mechanisms behind the technologies as well as the manufacturers and organizations within the industry.

I now feel convinced about air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. So I came up with the idea of creating this website.

We first learned about the various benefits of Humidifiers from our aunt, who swore by her various humidifiers. Every time she used a humidifier when we were sick, or had a sinuses problem, we would laugh. But it wasn’t until we saw significant improvement in Asthma using humidifiers, and the improvement of cough through using a diffuser that we realized the immense potential of humidifiers.

Our Humidifier Story

Humidifiers are a huge part of our lives today as we opt out of using products full of chemicals and toxins that line many store shelves. Several years ago this was not the case for our family. As all parents know, children are such a blessing but at times parenting can be very challenging.

Once we started the journey on our own, we armed ourselves with all the books we could find, and spent hours and hours Googling all about humidifiers.

We were excited and overwhelmed at the sheer amount of water, brands and humidifier out there. What company produces the best quality Air? What does it mean if an oil is high quality or not? Which ones are organic? What oils to use in what situation? Which ones are actually worth the money? We spent hours doing the research to try and answer these questions because at the time there was not just one source where we could find it all in one place. And that’s exactly why we started humidifierz.com.

And while after all of our time spent digging, there are certain brands and types of humidifier that we do prefer to use, we don’t necessarily want to just tell you what humidifier you should buy. Sure, we can recommend some for various reasons, but ultimately we want to use the hours of research we’ve put in to help educate you, empowering YOU to make the right choice.